DUI Penalties

Kingman DUI Penalties

Realize the Potential DUI Penalties

Each state takes DUI seriously, but how they prosecute them differs. Even if your blood alcohol level is found to be less than 0.08 you may still be charged with DUI if your driving was reckless enough. The penalties of even one DUI are enough to jeopardize your future, so contact a Kingman DUI attorney from our firm if you are arrested.

Dwane Cates Law Group, PLLC works to provide creative and solid defenses for those accused of criminal activity. Managing partner Dwane Cates has been fighting for the rights of the accused for two decades and in that time he has handled numerous DUI cases. No matter what the details of your charges, we can provide a vigorous defense and work to undermine the prosecution at every step.

What am I facing for a DUI conviction?

The penalties for a DUI are serious—you could be sent to jail and fined after a conviction, but longer-term complications can arise after being released with a DUI conviction on your criminal record. We strive to avoid a conviction to protect your future.

Penalties for an Arizona DUI include:

  • First offense—24 hours in jail, $250 fine, and 90 to 360 days of driver’s license suspension
  • Second offense—30 to 90 days in jail, $500 fine, and a year-long license suspension
  • Third offense—at least 4 months in jail, $750 fine, and one year of suspension
    In addition to the above penalties, any DUI conviction can bring a mandated installation of an Interlock Ignition Device in your engine at your expense. This machine record breath samples for the engine to start and randomly as the car is in operation.

How Our Firm Protects You

No matter how serious a DUI appears, they can be defeated in court. Our Kingman criminal defense attorneys can begin by investigating the details of your DUI charge, starting with the police stop: was it lawful? Did police inform you of your rights? Did they search your vehicle without probable cause?

Even a breathalyzer or field sobriety test can be challenged. We can negotiate with the prosecution in an attempt to convince them that prosecuting you is not worth the trouble and to drop your charges. If they are unwilling to do so, we are unafraid of fighting them in court to preserve your freedom.

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