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Arizona DUI Process

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Being accused of a crime like DUI means you are a defendant in the eyes of the state and need a strong legal defense to avoid a conviction. While you are innocent until proven otherwise, prosecutors and some judges even see it differently.

The DUI process is difficult to navigate, especially when some presume you are guilty from the beginning. You need a knowledgeable and aggressive Kingman criminal defense attorney who can stand beside you throughout this ordeal and work to obtain a positive resolution.

At Dwane Cates Law Group, PLLC, we have devoted our firm to defending the rights of the accused and we have handled countless cases involving DUI. Founding Attorney Dwane Cates has spent 20 years fighting for those charged with DUI and understands the process well. With his extensive experience, he knows what it takes to beat a DUI charge before it ends up costing you your freedom.

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Most DUIs begin with a simple traffic stop when an officer claims to have observed a driver behaving erratically due to intoxication.

The rest of the DUI process varies from county to county but in general runs as follows:

  • Booking—the accused are taken to the police station where they are fingerprinted
  • Investigation/charging decision—charges are filed depending on the conditions of your arrest
  • Preliminary hearings—a hearing is given and bail is set at a certain amount of money
  • Pretrial conference—your attorney can negotiate with the prosecutor to possibly obtain a deal
  • Motions or evidentiary hearings—judges decide on the admissibility of certain evidence
  • Trial—the jury will ultimately render a verdict if one can be reached which is read in court
  • Sentencing—can happen just after the trial or 30 days later where the judges sentences the defendant

The accused may be able to appeal a conviction all the way up to the Supreme Court based on matters brought to light during a pretrial motion or at the trial itself.

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A skilled Kingman DUI attorney from our firm can stand by you at every stage of the DUI process as well as contest your DUI charges & potential penalties. We can work to discredit the prosecution’s case from the initial traffic stop to the trial itself in order to avoid a conviction.

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