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Types of Prescription Fraud

Prescription fraud can be perpetrated through the use of stolen or falsified prescriptions from fraudulent prescription slips. The prescription drugs can then be purchased and resold to illicit drug users, doctors can wrongfully write unnecessary prescriptions, or prescriptions can also be legally obtained and then sold to individuals who use the drugs for recreational use, such as in the case of oxycontin.

Understanding the Offense

Many individuals charged with this drug crime are regular people with no criminal record. Individuals accused of this crime are often patients who began taking prescribed medicines to treat illnesses or pain, and later fell victim to highly addictive medications. Once the doctors stop writing new prescriptions, these individuals are forced to find alternative methods to get the drugs their bodies are dependent upon. However, Arizona laws prohibit prescription fraud and it carries a felony charge if convicted.

Possible Penalties

Felonies carry harsher sentences then do misdemeanors. As this drug crime will merit a felony charge, the penalties for conviction can include seizure of your personal property, fines and prison time. A conviction remains on your record, affecting your future chances at employment opportunities. Some may also be hesitant to rent to a person with a criminal record, thus affecting your being able to find housing in the future. With this serious a crime, it warrants you obtaining a competent and skilled criminal defense lawyer from Cates & Garvey Law Group, PLLC. to provide you the type of defense you will need to fight these charges.

Our firm has helped numerous clients with their drug charges. Our legal team has a reputation for aggressive and dedicated defense when challenging the prosecution’s case. Whether your case is negotiated or taken to trial, you can count on us to provide you with committed legal counsel.

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